A freelance writer since 2005, I branched out into technical and literary translation a few years later. Before that, I taught English and Art in the Pacific Territories and the American Midwest.

I view both, writing and translation not only as a profession, but as a craft. As a craftsman, I do more than strive for excellence. To me, exceeding my clients' expectations is a matter of pride.

Business Communications, Creative Services, Translations

J.S. Anand

writer-for-hire & German to English translator


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My clients value me for delivering spot-on accurate, true to style German to English translations.

I specialize in translating general business communications (business letters, contracts, catalogs), electronic systems documentation (spec sheets and manuals), and literary projects.

I provide a broad range of business and creative writing services. From dead-eye accurate proofreading to newsworthy, attention grabbing press releases, captivating web copy, and more.

Contact me also for company newsletters and PowerPoint presentations, 

I also offer creative writing services for your business and personal needs. ​

Skype: JevaSingh
email: Jeva.Singh-Anand@firstchoicewriting.com